No name yet.  This bull moose is walking through the water enjoying (it will be in his mouth) a few lily pads and grasses for lunch.  The wax photos were shot at the Foundry in Loveland, CO.  I changed the base significantly and am so pleased with the new shape.

Wax at the Foundry.  Changed position and tongue!

‚ÄčTo Have and To Hold

A pregnant mama has her unborn child while she holds on to her quickly-growing son.

Return to Sender!

If you have a labrador, you know that they'll fetch until their feet bleed . . . at least our Gus did!

Pamela Winters Sculptures

I think this guy will be called "Sweet Dreams". He has decoys around him, but is cuddling with his stuffed duck.  

The start of Grandma D feeding her chickens.  So much more detail to add, but she actually wore this apron quite a bit!!

Prairie Dancers

Male and Female Prairie Chickens getting ready to "dance".  Almost lifesize - about 14" each bird!